Oregon Delegation to the 2024 Republican National Convention

May 30, 2024

The 2024 Oregon Republican Party Convention convened in Salem on Saturday, May 25, to elect the Oregon delegation to the 2024 Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this July. The delegation was finalized late Tuesday night.

“Congratulations to the 56 newly-elected Oregon Republican Party Delegates who will represent us at the RNC National Convention to nominate our next United States President. We are now in the political fight of our generation to protect and preserve the freedoms the left is intent on eliminating,” said ORP Chairman Justin Hwang.

USAF veteran and ORP Vice Chair Dr. Angela Plowhead found the timing of the Convention apropos. “We appreciate all the Republicans who came out on Memorial Day weekend to participate in our National Delegate selection process. It was the perfect way to honor and pay homage to those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that our nation can experience the freedoms we continue to fight for today.”

Oregon’s Republican National Committee members—Chairman Justin Hwang, National Committeewoman Tracy Honl, and National Committeeman Solomon Yue will automatically serve as Delegates. Tracy Honl, who will serve as the Oregon Delegation Chair notes: “This delegation represents the wide diversity of today’s Republican Party across the state of Oregon—young professionals, retired public servants, men, women, urban residents, and rural Oregonians. United in purpose, they will be an effective voice for Oregon Republicans at the national level.”

Accompanying the three RNC members will be At-Large Delegates Brian Bishop, Senator Daniel Bonham, David Brown, Jessica Davidson, Chris Gray, Helen Heller, Kevin Hoar, Stephen Joncus, Angelita Sanchez, and Connie Whelchel, as well as Alternate At-Large Delegates Mark Knowles, Brent Barker, Patrick Sheehan, Michael Saperstein, Kara Becker, Harris Horn, Alex Paul, Lisa Lamping, Kelly Conklin, and Bill Conklin.

“The Oregon Republican Party is showing its commitment and openness to young leaders and young voices in the party,” said Chris Gray, Young Republicans of Oregon Communications Director, and one of the youngest members of the delegation. “I look forward in July not only to the celebration of our Independence Day, but also to choosing our new candidate for President of the United States at the Republican National Convention.” 

In addition to the At-Large Delegates, each of Oregon’s Congressional Districts will be represented by three Delegates and three Alternate Delegates. Representing C.D. #1 will be Delegates Dick Courter, Todd Morrill, and Robin Sielaff, and Alternate Delegates Dan Mason, Jerry Cummings, and Christian Honl.

Delegates from C.D. #2 include Candy Kaiser, Joyce Michelangelo, and Melissa Mlasko. Alternate Delegates will be Sandra McCoy, Alek Skarlatos, and Tanner Elliott.

C.D. #3 will be represented by Delegates Janice Dysinger, Kevin Moss, and Bob Spicher, and Alternate Delegates Brian Schmidtke, Matt Wand, and Stan Pulliam.

Delegates Sheri Brady, Jeff Kubler, and Senator David Brock Smith, and Alternate Delegates Denesa Rains, Mark Schulenberg, and Derria Lakey will represent C.D. #4.

C.D. #5 will send Delegates Joanna Harbour, Joel Pawloski, and Troy Smith, and Alternate Delegates Monique Bochsler, Connie Norman, and Sue Leslie.

Rounding out the delegation, C.D. #6 will send Delegates Mike Slagle, Don Powers, and Gabriel Buehler, and Alternate Delegates Suzanne Gallagher, Brent Smith, and Jack Gallagher to the convention.

The entire Oregon delegation is pledged to support the presidential nominee chosen overwhelmingly by affiliated members of the Oregon Republican Party in last week’s Primary Election—former President Donald J. Trump.

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