Bend Bulletin Endorses Knute Buehler For Governor As A New Path Forward

Wilsonville, OR – Yet another leading newspaper in Oregon is urging voters to elect Knute Buehler for Governor. Today’s endorsement coming from the Bend Bulletin says it is vital that Oregonians "don't let Brown have another four years."

PLACEHOLDER IMAGE Despite repeated promises and "billions spent," the Bulletin describes Kate Brown's tenure as one of "dazzling disappointments." These include an education system with a "deplorable high school graduation rate...third worst in the country," a foster care system that's "failing to protect its most vulnerable children" from "abuse and neglect," and a "jaw-dropping" $22 Billion PERS pension debt that threatens to lay waste to all public services and the state’s fiscal stability.

In 2015, citing "her own experience working as an attorney in the foster care system,” Brown "vowed to take action to correct recurring problems," but she "hasn’t gotten the job done." Instead, a 2018 audit of the Governor's foster care efforts were described as “slow, indecisive and inadequate.”

Brown's election-year conversion that led her to copy some of Buehler's innovative reform ideas on education left the Bulletin Editorial Board asking "Why didn’t she do that already? What was she waiting for?"

“The words 'slow, indecisive and inadequate' are ones that seem to describe Kate Brown's leadership on all of our state's most intractable issues,” said Oregon Republican Party Chair Bill Currier.

As the massive looming PERS pension debt crisis worsens, Governor Brown has stood by and watched the "budgets of schools, local governments and the state" get devoured by PERS leading to a "classroom funding crisis," "fewer roads," "fewer police on the street," to name just a few of the consequences. Brown continues to do little more than give the "same lip service she has in the past," while refusing to consider any reforms to the cost side of PERS. In stark contrast, Buehler, “vows not to sign any spending bills until PERS reform comes to his desk” that will reduce future costs while ensuring that current “beneficiaries get good benefits.”

On carbon taxes, the Bulletin notes that Brown's instinct has been to double down on "chronic failure" by proposing "hundreds of millions in new carbon taxes" on hardworking Oregonians in which the proceeds go into a slush fund for "Democratic pet constituencies" - much like the corrupt BETC program that "failed so fantastically" that it had to be terminated. Buehler proposes a “more sensible” revenue neutral approach instead.

"In addition to increasing the cost of living in our state, Kate Brown seems committed to making the same policy mistakes over and over again," added Currier. "Her special interest donor constituencies have gotten fat and happy off this, but Oregonians just can't afford any more of Brown's fiascos and utter disregard for the costs hitting struggling families."

The Bulletin concludes by saying that "under Brown, Oregon has diminished" and that neither "political sweet talk" nor "one new tax hike after another will solve it." Instead, they urge a "new path forward" by electing Knute Buehler to "balance the Legislature’s Democratic tilt," "bring new ideas to the table," implement "sensible" policies, and "broker deals" for a government that "Oregonians can be proud of" and "can afford."

“The Bend Bulletin endorsement puts a real exclamation point on the need to elect Knute Buehler as the leader with specific solutions who will lead Oregon toward a brighter, more prosperous, and successful future, for all its citizens,” said Chair Currier.

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