Corvallis Gazette-Times Endorses Knute Buehler For Governor For His Focused Vision

Wilsonville, OR – For the third time this week, a leading newspaper in Oregon is recommending that voters elect Knute Buehler, today it is the Corvallis Gazette-Times.

PLACEHOLDER IMAGE During 2016, in the aftermath of picking up the pieces following the resignation of disgraced ex-Governor John Kitzhaber for corruption, the Corvallis Gazette-Times endorsed Kate Brown. However, in switching to recommend that voters elect Knute Buehler over Brown in 2018, the Gazette-Times states that "Oregon cannot afford another four years" of "little progress being made on many of the key issues facing the state."

Showing little evidence of a true "vision for the state," the Gazette-Times editorial board asserts that "Brown has been maddeningly vague about how she would deal with issues" and has deliberately tried to "hold off" on giving her real policy details "until November, after her re-election battle."

The editorial says that under Brown all serious efforts to improve the state's education system are "stalled" and there is "little appetite to pursue fixes" to PERS as the "unfunded liability of $22 billion is eating away at the budgets of Oregon schools and other governmental entities."

The Corvallis Gazette-Times concludes by saying, Knute Buehler "would bring a focused vision to the governor's office that Brown has been unable or unwilling to muster. It's time for change in Salem. Buehler is the candidate best positioned to bring that change."

“Worse than lacking vision, detailed policy prescriptions for, and at times even interest in solving Oregon’s big challenges, Kate Brown has tried to hide what her true policies might actually be,” said Oregon Republican Party Chair Bill Currier. “Voters have seen enough and now want articulated solutions and leadership.”

“The Gazette-Times endorsement reminds voters yet again that Knute Buehler is the leader with specific solutions who will lead Oregon toward a brighter, more prosperous, and successful future - together.”

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