OR Dem Ldrs Plotting to Fool Voters into Caving to Tax Hikes

Wilsonville, OR - A leaked memo of the SB 229-7 amendment Democrat leaders appear to be plotting to use deceptive ballot titles and to suppress voter turnout through an expensive special election designed to fool voters into passing unpopular tax hikes. This amended bill is expected to be voted on soon in the House Rules Committee without any public input.

Dems pervert ballot referrals
“Clearly, the only lesson Oregon's Democrat leaders learned from the defeat of Measure 97 in 2016 is that they must try to fool and suppress Oregon voters in order to get the massive tax increases they want,” stated Oregon GOP Chairman Bill Currier.

“Through secret, Democrat-only, legislative deliberations outlined in the memo, Democrats intend to waste precious tax dollars forcing a special election designed to suppress voter participation, disturb voters with Christmastime campaigning, deceive them with hyper-partisan ballot titles, and intentionally impair the right of Oregon voters to have the final say on major legislation and tax increases,” said Currier. “Even worse, they are doing this all with ZERO public input out of an obvious fear of the inevitable negative reaction from Oregon’s voters. Democrats howl about perceived abuses of power, but here in Oregon, they are the abusers.”

Given Measure 97’s decisive defeat just last November, Oregon's Democrat leaders fear rejection of their tax hikes by the voters in the November 2018 General Election. It is also likely that their candidates worry about showing up on the same ballot with highly unpopular taxes on health insurance and small businesses, and tolls on highways.

“Our state continues to spiral into a fiscal abyss of PERS liability and out-of-control spending. This is on top of the poor results they've delivered with the money they've already spent on education and traffic congestion, to name a few. Democrats keep coming back with the same tired, failed answer: ‘Give us more money!’,” added Currier.

“With a leadership vacuum in the Governor's office and a sputtering Democrat Talking Points Machine that is running out of people to blame, manipulating the elections process to ‘put one over’ on the voters is what the Democrat leaders in Salem are now desperately scheming. Voters should reject this abuse and deception."

The Oregon Republican Party is the state’s arm of the Republican National Committee. It’s Chairman and officers are dedicated to preserving and advancing Republican principles within the state of Oregon and to improving the lives and livelihoods of Oregon’s working families through economic freedom and equal protection under the law.

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