Editorial Blasts Kate Brown After Bending Lobbyist Rules For Personal Gain

Wilsonville, OR– Oregon Republican Party issued a statement from Chairman Bill Currier today regarding new ethical questions that are emerging for failed Democrat governor Kate Brown for hiring former state lawmaker Peter Buckley to register as a lobbyist on her behalf.

President Trump Speech to Congress A commission appointed by the governor gave Buckley an exemption to serve as a “budget advisor,” drawing harsh criticism for Brown, who has routinely raised ethical questions since taking office. An editorial in the Mail Tribune blasted Kate Brown for her “hair-splitting rationalization that makes voters distrust government:”

“A state law intended to stop the “revolving door” of lawmakers leaving the Legislature and immediately becoming lobbyists doesn’t apply to Peter Buckley, who left office in January and now works for Gov. Kate Brown.


The Ethics Commission’s executive director acknowledged the commission might “take a little flak” over the decision. We’re happy to aim some its way.

This is precisely the kind of hair-splitting rationalization that makes voters distrust government. If there is good reason for preventing departing lawmakers from immediately lobbying their former colleagues on any legislation — and there is — the prohibition should apply to ex-lawmakers working for the governor as much as for restaurant owners or any other industry.”

“Despite her promises to increase accountability and transparency in Oregon’s government after taking office due to disgraced ex-Governor John Kitzhaber’s resignation, Kate Brown continues to show time and again that she has no problem playing fast and loose when it comes to ethics,” stated Chairman Currier. “Oregonians deserve a governor who will work tirelessly to uphold the public trust, clearly Kate Brown is unwilling to do so.”

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Thursday 04/27/17–02:30 PM PT
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