Kate Brown, Oregon Democrats Spent $278 Million On PR Campaigns While Complaining State Faces $1.4 billion Deficit

Wilsonville, OR– While Oregon grapples with a $1.4 billion deficit that threatens funding for schools, healthcare, and veterans’ services, failed Democrat governor Kate Brown and her Democrat allies have been spending big on partisan PR campaigns at the taxpayer’s expense. A new report by Forbes, reveals that over $278 million was spent by Oregon’s state government under Democrat governors Brown and Kitzhaber on public affairs for programs that included efforts to target businesses with costly and partisan regulations: PLACEHOLDER IMAGE

"State government, agencies and commissions are shelling out hundreds millions of dollars to public relations firms. Eighty-seven state agencies spent $278 million dollars to convince citizens to spend more taxpayer or gaming dollars on bigger government, higher taxes, more regulations, or more gambling from 2012 through 2016.

Here's how the numbers breakdown. Since 2012, taxpayers paid $110 million to employ 303 public affairs employees, spokespeople, advertising, video, print, web, graphic designers, marketing and communications managers. But, it wasn’t enough. The state shelled out an additional $168 million to outside PR and advertising firms. Some of those firms charge fees up to $260 per hour and one company reaped total payouts of $34 million – convincing Oregonians to gamble…

With millions of dollars of taxpayer money funding the state government PR machine, there are real opportunities for corruption. For example, at the behest of Oregon Governor Kate Brown, the Oregon PR machine is muscling law-abiding businesses.

This spring, the Health Authority of Oregon (OHA) and the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) launched ‘Cleaner Air Oregon’ - a taxpayer-paid public relations campaign to try and enact the most stringent environmental regulations in the nation. The state is targeting manufacturing companies for polluting ‘violations’ of proposed regulations – even though they are in compliance with all current state and federal regulations.”

"If Kate Brown and her Democrat allies hadn’t spent over a quarter of a billion dollars trying to earn themselves good PR, perhaps Oregon wouldn’t be facing what Brown calls a ‘critical moment’ with a $1.4 billion shortfall,” added Currier. “The Brown administration’s decision to prioritize boosting its public image above taking care of the people of Oregon shows a callous disregard for the fiscal health of our state and a disturbing habit of squandering precious taxpayer funds on political self-promotion. Oregonians have more reasons every day to ‘Rethink Kate Brown’ and deny her yet another term in office when the ‘critical moment’ comes in November 2018."

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