DONATE and Help Make 2018 a Great New Year!

Happy New Year from the Oregon GOP

2017 saw some great accomplishments:

  • A great new Supreme Court Justice in Neil Gorsuch.
  • Illegal Immigration falling to historic lows.
  • The historic slashing of thousands of burdensome, job-killing regulations.
  • The near elimination of the ISIS Caliphate in the Middle East.
  • Strong 3%+ quarterly economic growth not seen during 8 years of Obama.
  • The passage of the massive "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" to keep growth going for years to come.


Thank you for helping us make all of this possible.  In 2018, there is much left to do, especially here in Oregon.  We are ramping up our efforts for 2018 to get our message out to voters, your help is the keyDONATE your 2018 Oregon Political Tax Credit.  It is easy, fast, and, up to $50 for individuals and $100 for joint tax filers, FREE.

On behalf of the Oregon Republican Party, we wish you and yours a Very Happy New Year.  We would be honored to have your support as we work to help make it great 2018!

Yours truly,

Bill Currier, Chairman
Oregon Republican Party

P.S. - If you don't use your Oregon political tax credit, Governor Kate Brown and her cronies get to spend it in Salem - you don't get to keep it in your wallet.  Donating it is simple – You donate $50 for single filers, or $100 for joint filers, to a political party and get it back on your tax refund or credit.  It’s available to Oregon taxpayers who make under $100,000 per individual or $200,000 for joint-filing couples. DONATE NOW

The Oregon Republican Party is the state’s arm of the Republican National Committee. Its Chairman and officers are dedicated to preserving and advancing Republican principles within the state of Oregon and to improving the lives and livelihoods of Oregon’s working families through economic freedom and equal protection under the law.