Kate Brown’s PERS Task Force Secrecy Breaks Her Transparency Promise

Wilsonville, OR – Kate Brown staked her public reputation on being a transparent public servant when she became Governor. Now, she’s under fire for yet again breaking that promise.

PLACEHOLDER IMAGE The Bend Bulletin recently blasted Kate Brown’s PERS task force for declaring its intention to operate with “complete secrecy.”  The Brown administration apparently doesn’t believe the public has a right to know how she plans to address Oregon’s massive, $25 billion worth of unfunded pension liabilities.  The Bulletin Editorial Board writes:

"Gov. Kate Brown has given her blessing that her task force set up to brainstorm $5 billion worth of solutions can meet in complete secrecy.

…Brown has told them they don’t have to bother with being open to the public.

Kate Brown’s General Counsel was also caught on video justifying her decision to arbitrarily sanction the PERS task force secrecy:

“This group is absolutely free, under the public meetings law, to close its meeting and go into executive session for any reason, or no reason….”

"PERS is the most consequential issue facing our state and how it is solved could make or break our state finances for decades to come,” stated Oregon GOP Chairman Bill Currier.

“After kicking the can down the road for more than 15 years, Kate Brown seems to think that, by hiding the work of her PERS Task Force, chocked full of insiders and her trusted confidants, the public is going to trust its conclusions and support her decisions.  This is when Open Government is needed the most.  This is an absurd decision by a poor leader.”

"For a Governor taking office promising accountability and transparency in the wake of disgraced Democrat Ex-Governor John Kitzhaber’s scandalous resignation, Brown is not only breaking her transparency promises, but she is proving to be an intensification of Oregon’s Dirty Secret Government corruption problem."

“Oregon’s Governor seems both incapable and unwilling to restore Oregonians’ trust in state government, especially when it matters the most,” added Currier.  “For that reason alone, Kate Brown is unfit to serve another term as Oregon’s chief executive.”

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