Kate Brown Using Taxpayers To Fund Her Campaign?

Wilsonville, OR – A new investigative report from Forbes is raising questions as to whether Governor Kate Brown is inappropriately using taxpayer funds to benefit her re-election campaign. Brown’s actions are being called a “troubling pattern” that “could allegedly violate state law or the governor’s own ethics policy.”

PLACEHOLDER IMAGEForbes explains that Brown has been blurring the lines “between state agency resources and campaign activities – for years,” with Brown using tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to travel to events where she raised campaign cash. She even allegedly spent taxpayer dollars towards a personal vacation in California.

By not reimbursing taxpayers for the percentage of time spent campaigning during official business trips, the governor may have run afoul of public ethics prohibitions,” Forbes concludes.

“We already knew about Pay-to-Play Kate’s obvious policy favors in exchange for campaign dollars, but, until now, we didn’t know how often she was sticking taxpayers with the bill,” said Oregon GOP Chairman Bill Currier. “This report is incredibly troubling, and Kate Brown owes voters answers.”

“So much for cleaning up government corruption in Salem - Kate Brown IS the corruption in Salem, and she could care less. Things will never get better there until voters replace her. This November is the time to do exactly that by electing Knute Buehler as Oregon’s Next Governor.”

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