Kate Brown Perpetuates “Revolving Door” Between Lawmakers And Lobbyists With New Hire

Wilsonville, OR– Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bill Currier released a statement today regarding “failed” Democrat Oregon governor Kate Brown’s decision to hire a former lawmaker as a lobbyist on her behalf has drawn increasing fire for perpetuating the state’s “revolving door” between lobbyists and legislators. A new editorial from the Bend Bulletin blasts the double standard that Brown used to hire her newest lobbyist while calling to fix the law that allowed her to do so:

PLACEHOLDER IMAGE“A former Oregon legislator who wants to lobby lawmakers in the statehouse must wait out one legislative session, a so-called “cooling off” period.

But if that same former legislator goes to work for the government — say, in the governor’s office — lobbying can commence right away, no cooling off needed.

Why the double standard?

That’s the question raised by recent rulings surrounding former Rep. Peter Buckley’s new job as Gov. Kate Brown’s budget adviser. Buckley, an Ashland Democrat, left the Legislature in January. By March, he had his new part-time post, focusing on long-term approaches to the state’s budget woes…

What’s so different about lobbying former colleagues to adopt the position of some government agency or office, versus lobbying them for a private company or organization? In both cases the former legislator is paid — whether by salary or contract — to try to influence lawmakers to advance one interest or position over another.

Ironically, after getting the opinion she expected, the governor says she doesn’t intend to have Buckley do any lobbying this session, which is now half over. But now she and other government agencies have a green light to engage in the very “revolving door” between Legislature and lobbyists that the law appeared designed to prevent.

If the law really says that’s OK, it’s time to fix the law.”

“Kate Brown’s decision to hire Buckley may have been cleared by a commission she herself appointed, but it only further legitimizes the revolving door between lobbying interests and Oregon’s government that she continues to use for her own gain," stated Oregon GOP Chair Currier. “Despite coming to office with promises to bring transparency and accountability to Oregon’s government, Kate Brown continues to do the exact opposite in office."

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