The Oregonian Endorses Knute Buehler for Governor in Rebuke To Kate Brown

Wilsonville, OR – Yesterday evening the Oregonian, the largest, most circulated paper in the state, endorsed Knute Buehler for Governor.

PLACEHOLDER IMAGE In a recognition and vindication of both the message and substance of the Buehler Campaign, the Oregonian Editorial Board urged the state’s voters to elect Knute Buehler for being the candidate with the "priorities and concrete ideas" who "is willing to take courageous action" to solve Oregon's "entrenched problems."

In strong rebuke to Oregon’s nearly 4 year incumbent Governor Kate Brown, the Oregonian slammed "Brown's profound failure to lead" on issues such as K-12, career and technical education, along with her “noncommittal” stance on resolving the state’s gargantuan $22 Billion PERS debt crisis threatening to devour public services at all levels of government. The endorsement said that, with time running out to address the “most pressing problems” facing our state, Oregon urgently needs a leader who has a plan and will “make the bravest of choices” and that “Brown hasn't been that leader.”

In contrast, the endorsement went on to say that Buehler’s “approach, versus Brown's, reflects the leadership he would bring not just to education and pension reform, but funding health care, promoting housing development, and Oregon's many other needs.” As for the Brown campaign strategy to change the subject away from her four years of failure, the editorial board says that voters “shouldn't be distracted by [Brown’s] maneuvers,” but instead focus on electing “someone who will” bring serious leadership to solving Oregon’s “most pressing problems” - that someone being Republican Knute Buehler.

“This governor’s race is about leadership and competence,” said Oregon Republican Party Chair Bill Currier. “Kate Brown’s failure to have serious solutions to our state’s challenges and to lead has finally caught up with her.”

“Yesterday’s Oregonian endorsement is a recognition that Knute Buehler is the leader who can restore the lost hope of the Kate Brown years and lead Oregon toward a brighter, more prosperous, and successful future.”

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