Oregon GOP Asks: Why Are Democrats Afraid If Voters Get Say On HB 2020?

Salem, OR – Today, the Oregon Republican Party released a statement asking an important question:

#Oregon11 Standing Up For Oregon Voters Right To Have a Say on HB 2020“Why Are Democrats so afraid to let voters have a say on the Cap & Tax scheme known as House Bill 2020?,” said Oregon Republican Party Communications Director Kevin Hoar. “One thing is clear: The Democrats will do anything to prevent Oregon voters from having the final say on House Bill 2020. Governor Brown declared to the Associated Press this week that the voters of Oregon don't need to vote on HB2020 since they already gave her and her party total power in 2018. Oregonians are certainly starting to feel serious buyers remorse for that result.”

“By insisting on the emergency clause on HB2020, do the Democrats no longer trust the voters of Oregon anymore? Perhaps Democrats fear that Oregon voters might find out just how bad HB2020 is and reject it, just like Washington State voters have done with similar schemes twice before. It's time for Democrats to start protecting the right of voters to have a voice in our state by dropping the emergency clause and letting voters judge their ostensibly flawless bill before it takes effect,” said Hoar.

“People who govern listen and find compromises. People who rule don't bother with that, but use heavy-handed tactics and intimidation instead. Oregon's Democrat rulers had abandoned any effort at discussion or compromise, as declared by the Governor herself. This has led directly to a legislative collapse in trust and the #Oregon11 Senate GOP walkout that followed.”

“Democrats have broken Oregon's representative government. They are fully in charge of the state government, and they are the ones who must learn to listen and consider the interests of all Oregonians, not just their political benefactors. They could start the healing by trusting Oregon’s voters again.”

“We have one other very serious question to ask: Exactly which state legislators stand to benefit financially from the passage of HB2020? Is there something we will learn after July 1st when the constellation of nonprofits feeding at the climate cash trough report their expenses, as required by law? Would this potentially upset the voters and increase the likelihood of HB2020 being rejected? Perhaps we will know the answer to this question very soon."


The Oregon Republican Party is the state’s arm of the Republican National Committee. Its Chairman and officers are dedicated to preserving and advancing Republican principles within the state of Oregon and to improving the lives and livelihoods of Oregon’s working families through economic freedom and equal protection under the law.

Friday 06/28/19 – 12:30 PM PT
Contact: ORP Communications Director
communications.director@oregon.gop – (503) 902-4671