Oregon GOP Chair Currier escalates call for immediate resignation of Mayor Hales and for action from Governor Brown on riots

Store Window Destruction by protesters Wilsonville, OR - Now on the 5th night of ongoing riots in Portland, and after another day of happy talk and no accountability from Mayor Hales, along with zero action on the part of Governor Brown, Chairman Currier is escalating his call for the immediate resignation of Mayor Hales and for authorities to take action to stop the violent protests instead of actively encouraging them. “This situation has gotten completely out of hand. Based in large part on the encouragement and enabling by Mayor Hales and City Hall, and the utter lack of action by Governor Kate Brown, violence has escalated in Portland. Mayor Hales must stand aside and let a competent leader take over to ensure the safety of all Portland residents.”

“Furthermore, it is time for Governor Brown to step up to the plate and do her job. Instead of ordering ODOT to place trucks on freeway on-ramps to assist in closing the freeways to facilitate Portland rioters, the appropriate and responsible thing for Governor Brown to do is to place National Guard trucks and State Troopers in those areas to block these unlawful protests and put the safety of innocent citizens first.”

Currier’s remarks come amid a 5th straight night of violence in the Rose City. According to media reports, the 4th night featured at least three armed carjackings,one shooting on the Morrison Bridge, 17 arrests and numerous acts of vandalism. At least one news outlet (KGW) announced tonight that they would not have reporting crews among the protesters because several of them were assaulted last night. Portland Police also noted that several of their officers were assaulted.

Arrestees from PDX riots Currier noted, “While these felonies were not the direct result of the protests, it is clear that public resources have been stretched so thin that Portland Police are unable to adequately patrol our streets. Indeed, public statements from the Police Bureau have clearly communicated that they lack adequate resources to respond to rioters. This situation needs to end now.”

The Governor has the State Police and the National Guard at her disposal to restore public order. It is her responsibility to maintain public order and public safety using whatever lawful means are necessary. This responsibility is magnified by the utter lack of leadership - and at times active encouragement of the protests - by Portland City Hall.

Currier also reiterates his call to the Democratic Party of Oregon to end their silence and join the Oregon Republican Party in calling for the immediate restoration of public order. “This is not a partisan issue. Public safety is job one for all of us. No matter who you voted for in the election, allowing these protests to continue to block commerce and traffic is not how a civilized society reacts to the legitimate results of a free and fair election.”

The Oregon Republican Party is the state’s arm of the Republican National Committee. Its Chairman and officers are dedicated to preserving and advancing Republican principles within the state of Oregon and to improving the lives and livelihoods of Oregon’s working families through economic freedom and equal protection under the law.

Satuday 11/12/2016–8:00 PM PDT
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