Oregon GOP Chair Hails Confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary

Wilsonville, OR– Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bill Currier issued a statement congratulating Betsy DeVos on her confirmation by the U.S. Senate as Education Secretary. “The confirmation of Secretary DeVos brings new hope for the forgotten parents and students of Oregon who have been lacking better educational options for decades.”

Betsy Devos “Oregon Parents LOVE having educational choices beyond just the old fashioned government-run public schools, particularly the freedom to choose Public Charter Schools and Homeschooling. We are a pioneering state and have seen some advancement in the Charter School movement, but like the early pioneers that built our state, every year school choice in Oregon struggles to survive the attacks from special interests.” added Currier.

Oregon Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden were among those who sought to obstruct and defeat Secretary DeVos during the confirmation process. They, along with their fellow Democrat Senators, attacked DeVos for not having educated her children in public schools, claiming that made her unqualified for the job. They also condemned her strident advocacy for innovative educational reforms in Michigan, which included private schooling options for parents, claiming it showed a lack of loyalty to the public school system.

"The position is the Secretary of Education, not the Secretary of Public Education. And for Sens. Merkley and Wyden, this position is just the Secretary of the Teachers Unions. The actual job of the Secretary of Education is to serve the Parents and Children of America, not the Public Teachers Unions, that serve their own special interests," stated Chairman Currier. “Oregon’s Senators again prioritized their special interest teachers union funders and chose to defend the failed status quo of our education system, instead of putting parents and students first.”

Many are asking if Betsy DeVos and President Trump will be fighting for more funding of Public Education, but the records show that as funding has increased dramatically, outcomes have not risen in kind, but have, tragically, fallen instead. That is a failure and strong indicator that it is time to look at better and smarter ways to educate, rather than fund more failure.

"Particularly betrayed in the past have been the minority Parents and Students in crime-ridden inner cities who have been relegated to disastrously failing public schools. They are the ones that we should be pulling out all the stops for, to help them climb out of poverty and achieve the American Dream. These families are some the Forgotten Men and Women that President Trump has spoken so much about," added Currier. "Despite voting for Democrats for decades, they’ve been forgotten by the Democrats and have been sent to the ‘back of the bus’ by the Teachers Unions. The confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary signals a new day where Parents and Students come FIRST and are Forgotten No More."

The Oregon Republican Party is the state’s arm of the Republican National Committee. It’s Chairman and officers are dedicated to preserving and advancing Republican principles within the state of Oregon and to improving the lives and livelihoods of Oregon’s working families through economic freedom and equal protection under the law.

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