ORP Chair Bill Currier Statement on Resignation of Gov Kate Brown’s Chief of Staff

Bill Currier vs Kitzhaber-Brown Ethics Wilsonville, OR - Oregon Republican Party Chair Bill Currier reacted to news today that the Chief of Staff of Oregon’s ethically challenged Governor Kate Brown has been forced to resign due to a conflict of interest ethics scandal first reported by Willamette Week’s Nigel Jaquiss nearly three weeks ago. “Once again, Governor Brown proves that she can’t clean up the corruption in Salem because she and her cronies ARE the corruption in Salem,” said Chairman Currier.

It was just two years ago that disgraced Ex-Governor Kitzhaber resigned due to his own catastrophic ethics problem, a case that has yet to be fully resolved under his successor.

“It’s becoming a tradition for the incumbent Democrat Governor to become engulfed in ethics scandals that should have come to light before they were re-elected,” noted Currier. “It also seems to be an annual ritual for their Chief of Staff to resign under a murky cloud.”

Governor Brown pledged during her inaugural speech in early 2015 to put an end to the lack of ethics and transparency of the Kitzhaber era, just after the ex-Governor’s resignation.

“Governor Brown’s idea of cleaning up state government seems to first involve helping it become really ‘dirty’ and then trying to earn credit for belatedly engaging in a symbolic mopping up of the mess caused by whatever has leaked out to the public. This isn’t ethics, it’s just political damage control,” admonished Chair Currier.

As Chief of Staff, the resigning Kristen Leonard also oversaw the ethical stink bomb set off a couple of weeks ago when one of the Governor’s staff admitted to manipulating a public records reform proposal for partisan “political” reasons. The move was roundly panned in the local media.

“Governor Brown in charge of ensuring the public’s access to state records?  Hmmm, what could go wrong with that!” Chair Currier added, “Especially after seeing how Governor. Brown took three weeks to act on an obvious conflict of interest going on for much of the past year?”

Meanwhile, the other shoe has yet to drop on her ethically troubled December campaign fundraiser as reported by Willamette Week last month, if it ever does.

“The only thing Governor Brown seems to have learned from the Kitzhaber scandal of two years ago is to cover for her cronies and hide the scandals, until they get caught, then blame others for it all,” added Chair Currier. “Sadly, Oregonians are left looking forward to another two years of corruption, cover up, and incessant ethics scandals. This is why we are calling for ethics reform immediately. It needs to be aggressive and thorough. Without transparency and accountability, government cannot, and should not, be trusted.”

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