Trump Temporary Travel Pause From Seven Countries Necessary To Keep Terrorists Out

Wilsonville, OR - Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bill Currier issued a statement Monday in response to media reports about the temporary travel pause for non-US residents seeking entry to the United States from seven nations that Obama administration officials determined to be harboring, training, and exporting terrorists. Similar to the pause put in place by the Obama Administration in 2011 for visitors and refugees from Iraq, President Trump signed an executive order this past Friday, January 27th, temporarily pausing visa issuance and other travel visits from these seven nations for 90 days and pausing refugee entry for 120 days until security screening measures can be put into place to ensure terrorists cannot enter the U.S. The order does not affect green card holders and permanent U.S. residents.

Trump Signing Pic "President Trump promised to take decisive action to protect the American people and he is keeping his promise," said Chair Currier. “Plus, according to a Rasmussen Poll released today, a solid majority of Americans support this action.”

According to the Trump Administration, only 109 out of 325,000 travelers entering the U.S. were detained and, in the end, were only delayed for a day or less and then released. The countries whose citizens are barred entry for 90 days are specific to only 7 out of 40 Muslim-majority countries, excluding many of the most populous Muslim countries since those countries currently provide sufficient data for the U.S. to screen those attempting entry.

“These two facts alone expose the reality that a great many people have been protesting against a so-called ‘Muslim ban’ that doesn't exist, but has been reported in the news as if it does. It is irresponsible in the extreme for the media to repeat these misrepresentations and to help foment anger and fear, especially among people with absolutely nothing to be concerned about. Instead it has been wall-to-wall fake news propaganda egged on by hysterical politicians and community organizers advancing political propaganda.”

“When the inconvenience for relatively few travelers is weighed against the ongoing danger of admitting vile murderers from ISIS into the U.S. who are intent on slaughtering massive numbers of Americans, certainly preventing the danger must take precedence,” explained Currier. “It is the government’s number one job to protect its citizens.”

National Security Officials from the Obama Administration warned repeatedly and publicly throughout 2015 and 2016 that the incoming refugees from Syria could not be properly screened by U.S. Government to ensure that ISIS terrorists could not achieve their stated intention - to infiltrate the U.S. and conduct attacks on Americans.

Deputy National Security Advisor to Trump, KT McFarland, when examining one form used in the current terrorist screening procedure, noted that it pointlessly asks visa applicants, “Are you a terrorist?” She cited this as evidence that the screening procedures are in significant need of an upgrade to achieve the kind of vetting President Trump has promised.

San Bernardino Terrorists The claim by Democrat Leaders and others that President’s Executive Order is unconstitutional appears to be entirely without merit as well. “No citizen of a foreign land seeking entry into this country has a constitutional right to demand entry,” stated Steven Miller, a Senior Advisor to President Trump. “The Immigration Nationality Act of 1952 expressly vests the President with the power to bar any entry that he believes to be against the interests of America’s national security.”

"Though bureaucracies don’t handle these types of changes well," added Currier. "There really is no time to waste when keeping the American people safe from terrorists groups like ISIS."

“Why wait to see if some terrorists can exploit our entry screening to get in and kill Americans? President Trump has made it clear that we can learn from the mess that exists in Europe due to lax border controls, and that he will not wait to take action to prevent it.”

Friday 01/30/17–8:00 PM PDT
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