Oregon GOP Chair Bill Currier Urges Local Media To Ask Hard Questions Of Portland City Hall And Mahonia Hall

Arrestees from PDX riots Wilsonville, OR - Oregon Republican Party Chair Bill Currier issued a statement today asking that local media begin asking the hard questions of local officials. ”In light of the continuing riots in Portland that have led to millions in damage and put lives at risk, it’s time that the media start holding public officials accountable.”

The timeline, as we know it:
Wednesday morning: Charlie Hales, Amanda Fritz and other officials express deep disappointment and anguish over the results of the presidential election.
Wednesday evening: Media reports indicate that City Hall ordered Portland Police Bureau to allow protesters to march on I-84 and I-5, blocking freeway traffic for many hours and leaving hundreds of drivers stranded in their cars for many hours.
Thursday mid-day: Portland Police receive credible information that the protests will turn violent, and advise workers downtown to leave Portland by 4:30pm, if possible, for their personal safety.
Thursday evening: Cars at a dealership have windows smashed out, multiple businesses have their windows smashed, innumerable instances of vandalism are reported, protesters reportedly block cars and buses and hit them repeatedly while screaming obscenities. Freeways are shut down again to accommodate so-called protesters. 25 people are arrested.
Friday evening: More violence. A shooting and 3 armed carjackings are reported. 17 more people are arrested.
Saturday evening: More violence, even though we were told there wouldn’t any action. Officers found and removed a stockpile of bricks and rocks near Pioneer Square. Police reported bottles and lit flares being thrown by the demonstrators. At least 19 more people are arrested.

Given the escalation of violent acts, and the increasing strain on public resources to respond to crime in the city, Currier is asking the local media to consider these points:

1) What was the decision making process Mayor Hales and the City Commissioners used to plan their response strategy?
2) Why are they taking no steps to confine the protests to areas where they don’t block traffic and commerce?
3) Why have Mayor Hales and Governor Brown not more strongly condemned the riots?
4) If Portland Police have labeled this a riot and stated publicly that they lack sufficient resources to respond, why have Mayor Hales and Governor Brown refused to act? They have ample resources at their disposal - including State Police and the National Guard - to assist local law enforcement.
5) How much damage to private business and buildings in our city is an acceptable loss?
6) Why is Charlie Hales encouraging Portlanders to risk their personal safety to go downtown and conduct their daily business, when he specifically refuses to honor his sworn oath to protect public safety?
7) Why does Mayor Hales, according to a statement on Friday, believe that if you're Republican, or you’re genuinely concerned with law and order, your concerns should be dismissed? Based on his actions, he cares a lot more about helping the protesters than responding to any constituents of any political stripe.

CNN.com photo of I-5 shutdown by protesters When will Oregonians start getting answers to these important questions? The welfare and safety of Portland’s residents remains at high risk. The Oregon Republican Party stands with the vast majority of citizens who are calling for authorities to do their job and put an end to the violence.

The Oregon Republican Party is the state’s arm of the Republican National Committee. Its Chairman and officers are dedicated to preserving and advancing Republican principles within the state of Oregon and to improving the lives and livelihoods of Oregon’s working families through economic freedom and equal protection under the law.

Sunday 11/13/2016–10:00 AM PDT
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