ORP Makes Major Statement on Government Transparency and Accountability

Wilsonville, OR - The Oregon Republican Party State Central Committee ratified by a unanimous vote today a resolution that makes transparency and government accountability a top priority for Republicans. The resolution calls for the Central Committee to partner with Republican legislative leadership to prioritize transparency and accountability legislation, and in turn, pledges the Central Committee’s and fellow Republican’s support.

“Republicans are determined to make our government more transparent and more accountable to the citizens it serves. Until we succeed, real and effective government reform has little hope in Oregon.” said Bill Currier, Oregon Republican Party State Chairman. “Government transparency and accountability is not only a good idea, but it should be a top priority and it is something Oregonians deserve. It’s time our citizens regain control of their government which it is supposed to serve.”

Many bills were introduced into the recent legislative session that would have promoted and improved government transparency and accountability--something Oregonians are hungry for after the disastrous John Kitzhaber scandals and resignation earlier this year. Despite wide bipartisan support, Senate Majority Leader, Peter Courtney (D-Salem) and Senate Rules Committee Chair, Diane Rosenbaum (D-Salem) used stall tactics that killed most of these bills in committees.

Some of the bills that were stopped by the Democrats include:
HJR 31 - Would have given the state legislature power to impeach corrupt government officials, including the Governor.
SB940 - Would have prevented “vote trading” by legislators.
SB853 - Would have required testimony given in the legislature by high-ranking agency officials and elected officials be “under oath” and subject to perjury laws if caught lying.
SB852 - Would have made lying on a voter’s pamphlet statement illegal.

Oregonians are being denied a more transparent and accountable government by Democrats who favor of a corrupt and dishonest system they have thrived in. Today Republicans have resolved to change it.

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Saturday June 27, 2015
Contact: ORP Communications Director communications.director@orgop.org (503) 902-4671