National Committeeman - Solomon Yue

Oregon's Republican National Committeeman

Solomon Yue, Jr.

Oregon's Republican National Committeeman Solomon Yue, Jr., entrepreneur, business leader, immigrant and a national political leader. Mr. Yue knows how to bring about a political revolution as he lived through and escaped China's Cultural Revolution, surviving tyranny and establishing himself in America as an international student, then as a successful importer and wholesaler. For the past 14 years, Mr. Yue has been regarded as one of the driving forces bringing change to the Republican National Committee (RNC). Today, Mr. Yue is one of the top 20 ranking seniority members of the 168-member RNC.

In 2013, Solomon assumed the role of Founder, Vice Chairman and CEO of Republicans Overseas, representing a large percentage of the 7.6 million overseas Americans.

Solomon empathizes with other immigrants, knowing the benefit from the vast opportunities America offers every person: immigrant or citizen. He has embraced his ability to influence public policy and is passionate about driving efforts that support citizens in maintaining their liberty and freedom.

Recently, Solomon has been the Chief Sponsor of two vital resolutions impacting American citizens. As the Chief Sponsor of the RNC Resolution, OBAMACARE: MARCHING FURTHER TOWARDS SOCIALISM, which passed unanimously. Mr. Yue led the RNC against Obamacare nationally. In January 2014, Solomon presented a resolution to repeal FATCA, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, which violates the financial privacy of American citizens and any foreigner who maintains accounts in the USA. This resolution passed overwhelmingly by the RNC. Solomon then launched a worldwide online petition campaign at to put pressure on the U.S. Congress to repeal FATCA.

To serve his political convictions, Solomon Yue has acted as Vice Chairman for three Super PACs: the USA Super PAC, the Republican Super PAC, and the Grassroots Conservative Coalition.

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