National Committeewoman - Marylin Shannon

Oregon's Republican National Committeewoman

Marylin Shannon

Oregon.GOP New State Party Website Marylin can be contacted at:
Cell: 503-463-8012


  • Major: Elementary Education
  • Minor: Elementary Science
  • Graduated with Honors
  • Continuing Ed Classes at Portland State University, 1981



  • I’m an expert at organizing and inspiring grassroots volunteers to work for Republican candidates and conservative causes.
  • I’ve been a volunteer and paid grassroots’ coordinator for state-wide, congressional, legislative, city council and school board candidates. Many of the races have been successful.
  • I’ve also been Campaign Manager for several legislative candidates’ races.
  • Chief of Staff for State Senator Bob Kintigh (R-Springfield), 1987-1994.
  • I am a Chief Petitioner for the current proposed Initiative that would Stop Public Funding of Abortions in Oregon. Oregon is the only state in the Union with no restrictions on abortion.



  • Because of my quick thinking and actions to keep our support for President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative in our Republican Platform during the 1988 RNC Convention in New Orleans, Phyllis Schlafly honored me at the next Eagle Forum Convention with her coveted and rarely given Super Eagle Award. I serve on the Governing Board of Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund.



  • As Senator Kintigh’s Chief of Staff I’ve written speeches, press releases and newsletters for him. Likewise, as a candidate and working for candidates and several political causes I’ve have lots of communication with the written and electronic press.



  • I am currently serving my 2 position for a woman member of the Oregon Republican Party (ORP). I’ve been ORP V. Chair (2 terms), Oregon CD5 Chair (2 terms), Oregon CD5 V. Chair (2 terms), County Chair (4 terms), County Secretary, and Member of the ORP Executive Committee for 24 years. Precinct Committeewoman since 1978.
  • I’ve been a Delegate or Alt. Delegate to 7 of the RNC’s Presidential Nominating Conventions. I’ve served on the popular Platform Committee twice (both times I was the Homeland Security Sub-Committee) and Chair of the Oregon Delegation.




  • I was appointed to fulfill the rest of Senator Jim Bunn’s term when he was elected to Congress. Then in 1996 I was elected to a 4-year term. Then in January 2001, I was term-limited.
  • As Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee I was overseer of a Performance Audit of the Oregon Department of Transportation. Some things changed at ODOT after that. I remember one was ODOT stopped funding a daycare center for their employees (free to employees) and ODOT stopped buying Tony Robbin’s motivational tapes for their employees to watch during their regular work hours.
  • I was the Chief Sponsor of the Bill in 1999 that finally allowed Oregon Purple Heart Veterans to have their own vanity plates. Those veterans were so appreciative they petitioned the Military Order of the Purple Heart Society in Washington, DC, for permission to make me an Official Honorary Member of their organization for the intense battle we fought and won against the Senate Democrats. Their request was granted.
  • As V. Chair of Senate Education Committee, I worked with the parents who worked hard to repeal portions of the Education Reform Bill that were experimental and had no record of success any place in the world. We were successful in repealing the worst parts in the 1997 Session.



  • Two friends and I started a company that specialized in making live Get Out The Vote (GOTV) calls for Republican candidates. We had 20 call stations and made calls the 3 weeks before the Primary and General Elections. In 2002, we were the consultants in charge of GOTV calls for Republican Salem City Council candidates and the Republican Mayor candidate. We made 30,000 calls. We increased the Republican voter turn-out by 19%. All our candidates won their election by a landslide. We had more victories in the General Election, too.



  • I was born and raised in Eastern Oregon. Married to Al Shannon (53 years). He is a Retired School Business Manager and Retired US Air Force Chief Master Sargent. He still works part-time for the Local Government Building Foundation. He is an avid bicyclist and has biked 22,000 miles in the past few years. We have 3 grown children who are all married and have given us 8 fun grandchildren. All our children and their spouses are University graduates. I was an Elementary School teacher for several years before I got involved in politics. I am a Sunday School teacher.
  • Senate Majority Leader Gene Derfler tagged me the “Conscience of our Caucus.” The Portland Oregonian newspaper said I was the most pro-life legislator in Salem.