ORP Press Releases

4/27/17 Editorial Blasts Kate Brown After Bending Lobbyist Rules For Personal Gain
4/26/17 Multnomah County Republican Party Statement Against The Violent Thugs Bullying Organizers Of Avenue Of Roses Parade
4/25/17 Anarchists Threaten To Disrupt Rose Festival Parade Event, Target Multnomah County GOP
4/15/17 Oregon GOP Shares Frustration of Oregonians with Pointless Perpetual Protests By Anti-Trump Fringe Groups
4/13/17 Oregon GOP Chair Files Official Ethics Complaint Against Multnomah Co Judge Over Actions In Criminal Illegal Immigrant Escape from ICE
4/07/17 Oregon GOP Presses Governor To Urgently Lead, Not To Slow Walk ODOT Reforms
4/06/17 Governor Brown Campaigns at Oregon Final Four Game, Oregon GOP Calls On Campaign To Reimburse Taxpayers
3/27/17 Oregon GOP Challenges Portland Mayor to Clarify Which Crimes Illegal Aliens Get Sanctuary
3/22/17 Portland Criminal Illegal Alien Sanctuary Declaration Indefensible, Dereliction of Duty
3/22/17 Gorsuch Shows In Hearings That He Is The Perfect Choice For U.S. Supreme Court
3/07/17 Repeal and Replace of Broken Obamacare Started - Better Healthcare Coming Says Oregon GOP Chair
3/06/17 Oregon GOP Chair Strongly Supports New Temporary Restriction of Travel From 6 Hotbeds Vital to Prevent Terrorism in U.S., Repudiates Senator Merkley
2/28/17 ORP Chair Lauds President Trump's Moving Speech to Congress, Dems Disgraceful
2/22/17 County Commissioners Select Silverton Mayor Rick Lewis as HD18 State Representative Replacing Vic Gilliam
2/09/17 Oregon GOP Blasts 9th Circuit Court Ruling Order Blocking Trump Travel Pause
2/09/17 Oregon GOP Chair Welcomes the Confirmation of Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General
2/08/17 Oregon GOP Chair Hails Confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary
2/03/17 Oregon Republicans Question court order blocking Trump Travel Pause
2/01/17 Oregon GOP Chair Questions Gov Brown Anti-Trump Group, Source of Financing
1/31/17 Oregon GOP Chair Applauds President Trump's Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court
1/31/17 Oregon Republicans Elect Leadership Team for Next Two Years
1/30/17 Trump Temporary Travel Pause From Seven Countries Necessary To Keep Terrorists Out
1/06/17 Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson Welcomes New Citizens at Swearing in Ceremony
1/03/17 ORP Chair Bill Currier Statement on Resignation of Gov Kate Brown’s Chief of Staff
12/31/16 Dennis Richardson Takes Oath of Office as Oregon Secretary of State
12/19/16 ORP Chair Bill Currier Calls On Ethically Challenged Governor Brown to Stop Politicizing Transparency Reforms
11/26/16 Bringing Accountability and Transparency to Salem - State Senator Doug Whitsett
11/13/16 Oregon GOP Chair Bill Currier Urges Local Media To Ask Hard Questions Of Portland City Hall And Mahonia Hall
11/12/16 Oregon GOP Chair Currier escalates call for immediate resignation of Mayor Hales and for action from Governor Brown on riots
11/11/16 Oregon GOP Chair Currier calls on Mayor Hales to resign for dereliction of duty
11/10/16 Congratulations Dennis Richardson - Oregon's New Secretary of State
11/09/16 Oregon Republicans Make History
11/09/16 Congratulations Mr. President-Elect Donald J. Trump
11/07/16 Your vote matters in Oregon. Here's why....
11/04/16 Oregon GOP Chair Currier calls on Secretary of State to cease suppressing Republican Voters
11/04/16 Statement from Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bill Currier Regarding Effort to Reactivate Inactive GOP Voters in Oregon
11/03/16 Oregon GOP Victory Election Night Event November 8 2016
10/25/16 Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts talks economic renewal in support of GOP candidates Pierce and Richardson at State Party Event in Portland
10/24/16 Oregon Republican Party Urges Defeat of Measure 97
10/19/16 3rd Presidential Debate Watches GOP in Oregon October 19th 2016
10/10/16 Statement from Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bill Currier Reacting to 2nd Presidential Debate
10/05/16 Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts Luncheon and Roundtable
9/22/16 Kansas Gov. Brownback visits Oregon to discuss impact of M97 on Businesses, Jobs
6/21/16 2016 OFFICIAL Results National Convention Delegate Elector CD Officer
5/16/16 Oregon Republicans will Meet in Salem to Select Delegates to the National Convention
3/06/16 GOP House Ldr. McLane calls DEM House Spkr. Kotek on the carpet for abuse of power
2/19/16 Republicans Protest "Dirty" State Government at the Capitol - Democrats block Anti-Corruption Reforms in Senate
2/11/16 Chairman Currier - Kitzhaber culture of corruption continues 1 year later (Stateman Journal Op-Ed)
10/23/15 KTVZ TV Report on Bend Gov't Transparency Listening Tour Event
8/29/15 Oregon Republican Party to Commence Listening Tour
6/29/15 ORP Makes Major Statement on Government Transparency and Accountability