State Party Chairman - Bill Currier

Oregon Republican Party Chairman

Bill Currier Chair of the Oregon Republican Party Bill Currier was elected Chair of the Oregon Republican Party (ORP) in February, 2015, after serving as ORP Vice Chair for two years and CD5 Treasurer since August 2012.  He has since been re-elected in both February 2017 and 2019 to second and third full terms respectively as State Chairman.  Before that he served as the elected Chair of the Benton County Republican Party. Bill started his service in the Republican Party as an elected Precinct Committee Person (PCP), and remains a PCP to this day. During his party service Bill has seen first-hand the importance of Republicans working together to win elections in Oregon."

Since February 2010 Bill has contributed his business skills to help the ORP, various Republican organizations, GOP candidates, and grassroots volunteers. Bill has been active in developing and deploying improved voter registration, get-out-the-vote, and online collaboration tools for the Republican Party. These tools have been used by the Party and many Republican candidates, to identify and contact voters during campaigns, and to coordinate activities and share resources among staff and volunteers.

In November 2014 Bill was re-elected to his fifth term as Mayor of Adair Village, a small city in Benton County. In this volunteer position Bill has focused on running efficient meetings and building consensus, despite sometimes strong differences of opinion and perspective. Under his leadership the City has improved services, increased volunteer participation, and enhanced public safety -- all without raising taxes. Republican principles have been applied to public policy, resulting in benefits to the community.

Bill owns an IT business, established in 2004, which gives him considerable flexibility in his schedule. This flexibility and the support of his wife Becky have allowed him to volunteer the time needed to rebuild the ORP. Prior to starting his business he served his community as a police officer, and came to respect the importance of our Constitution and the rule-of-law in protecting our rights as citizens. Bill is committed to leading the Party in protecting and preserving these freedoms now, before they are lost forever.

As Chair of the Oregon Republican Party, Bill is responsible for general oversight of ORP operations, fundraising and partner relations, presiding over Executive Committee and Central Committee meetings, and developing programs to ensure that the Party achieves its goals. Bill has stated that his initial three objectives as Chair are 1) Organizing the Party for victory in the 2020 elections, 2) Transitioning the Party to issue-based strategies, and 3) Focusing the Party on action-oriented programs.