Oregon GOP Blasts 9th Circuit Court Ruling Order Blocking Trump Travel Pause

Wilsonville, OR– Oregon Republican Party (ORP) spokesman Kevin Hoar issued the following statement in response to the 9th Circuit Court ruling on the court order blocking President Trump’s travel pause to keep terrorists out of the USA from seven nations who are not supplying adequate immigration information for proper vetting before entry into the U.S.

9th Circuit and the Terrorists “The 9th Circuit Court’s three judge panel decision today continues the dangerous practice of admitting unvetted travellers into the U.S. from terror-plagued countries, ignoring the plain language of the law and unconstitutionally attempting to replace the unambiguous power of the President of the United States in national security matters with the judgement of a Federal Judge that is not competent to protect the nation from terrorists. Being the most overturned circuit court in the country, this decision from the very liberal, invent-the-law-as-you-go activist 9th Circuit Court is not surprising and shows exactly what is wrong with the liberal judicial philosophy. We predict the President will ultimately prevail. Until then, the safety of American people remains in jeopardy."

These significant questions remain unanswered by the media or by the activist courts:

  1. Is the federal district judge who issued this decision saying that, under the Constitution, he is authorized to decide the level of terrorist threat posed by foreign nationals from specific countries?
  2. What authority does a Federal District Judge have to force the President of the United States to admit people into the U.S. that the President believes may pose a threat to national security threat if they are not properly vetted?
  3. Is it also the case that a similar action taken by President Obama in 2011 was also unconstitutional?  Were his actions to ensure that terrorists could not gain admittance to the U.S. not within his authority after two terrorists did gain entry?
  4. Is the judge's ruling saying that we have to wait to improve the vetting until terrorists get in and get caught, possibly only after killing Americans?
  5. Doesn't the President have the authority to direct the nation's foreign policy in order to compel other countries and person desiring entry to supply adequate information to the immigration authorities in order for our government to keep terrorists who are harbored and trained in those countries from entering our country?  If not, then who does?


"We await to hear future developments and will continue to pray for the safety of the American people."

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