Oregon Republicans will Meet in Salem to Select Delegates to the National Convention

Salem, OR - Oregon Republicans will meet on June 4, 2016, in Salem at the Oregon State Fairgrounds to select delegates and alternates that will represent the State of Oregon at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

This year’s convention will bring together Republicans from all across Oregon to elect the delegation that will represent Oregon at the national convention.  In 2012, the party held events in the five congressional districts; this year all business will be conducted in Salem, creating a cohesive and smooth delegate selection process.

Starting May 18, any qualified Republican can file to run for one of the 25 open national delegate positions, which will be apportioned to Republican presidential candidates based on the results of the May 17 primary election. When filing, delegate candidates will choose which presidential candidate they are pledging to support at the national convention and whether they are running for one of the 10 statewide positions or one of the 15 congressional district positions, or both. On June 4, at the state convention in Salem, Oregon's grassroots Republican activists (PCPs elected on May 17) will vote for the delegates.

“The process of selecting our delegates to the national convention, like all party business, must be transparent,” said Bill Currier, chairman of the Oregon Republican Party. “Oregon's grassroots Republican activists from each county, through their elected representatives to the State Central Committee, decided the rules for the state convention and the selection of delegates. The state party administers those rules to ensure a fair and open process."

After the national delegates are selected they will immediately meet to elect from among themselves the chair of the Oregon delegation and the two members of each of the four national convention committees, which are Platform, Credentials, Rules and Organization.  Each delegate will be responsible for arranging and paying for their own transportation to the national convention in Cleveland, Ohio, on July 18-21.

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Saturday May 16, 2016
Contact: ORP Communications Director communications.director@orgop.org (503) 902-4671