Portland Tribune Endorses Knute Buehler for Governor To Address Urgent Priorities

Wilsonville, OR – Today, the Portland Tribune endorsed Knute Buehler for Oregon Governor, saying that the 2018 race is “about fixing intractable public problems that have plagued the state for decades” and that Buehler is the candidate who can “change the dynamics in Salem” to make this happen.

PLACEHOLDER IMAGE For the second time this week, a major newspaper in Oregon is urging voters to elect Knute Buehler because he gives the state’s voters a chance to “break the one-party inertia in Salem” and “force a real discussion about the state's most important concerns” so Oregon can “move forward on difficult issues” that Kate Brown has failed address. Mirroring the essence of the Buehler campaign’s messaging and policy proposals, the Portland Tribune Editorial Board explains:

"With one party in control of the two legislative chambers and the governor's office, the state's leaders haven't been challenged strongly enough to find a different (and difficult) path on matters such as health care costs, educational improvement, tax reform and the unfunded liability for the Public Employees Retirement System."

The Tribune endorsement describes Buehler as a leader with an “impressive grasp of policy” who will “listen, compromise and work toward solutions” to find true bipartisan compromises “to act on topics like PERS even when [the State Legislature] doesn't want to."

“It’s time that Oregon voters get solutions to intractable problems, not just more taxes and excuses from an entrenched Democrat political machine,” said Oregon Republican Party Chair Bill Currier. “For nearly four years Kate Brown has failed to lead and find these solutions - and more of Kate Brown only promises more of the same.”

“Today’s Portland Tribune endorsement once again underscores that Knute Buehler is the leader who can and will lead Oregon toward a brighter, more prosperous, and successful future - together.”

Read the entire endorsement here => https://portlandtribune.com/pt/10-opinion/409112-302685-our-opinion-buehler-brings-necessary-tension

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