Is Tom Steyer The Secret Donor Pushing Kate Brown’s $1.4 Billion Energy Tax Hike?

Wilsonville, OR – Despite not mentioning the tax hike whatsoever in her state of the state address, Governor Kate Brown’s allies are launching a new effort to force through a $1.4 billion energy tax hike that could devastate Oregon’s economy.

PLACEHOLDER IMAGEThe Oregonian reports that a group called “Renew Oregon” is launching a $200,000 ad campaign to support Brown’s proposed energy tax that would hike the cost of everyday goods and cause Oregon’s economy to potentially “drop like a rock.”.

“This begs the question – who’s funding Kate Brown’s tax hike ad campaign?  While Renew Oregon is technically keeping its donors private, it’s possible that it’s Brown’s billionaire friend from California, Tom Steyer,” stated Oregon Republican Chairman Bill Currier.

In December, the Oregonian reported that Steyer, “plans to sink $200,000 into a campaign to promote a carbon cap and pricing plan in Oregon next year, according to the groups involved.” The Oregonian also noted that Steyer’s group, NextGen America, planned to specifically funnel $125,000 into Renew Oregon.

“Instead of focusing on the real crises in Oregon’s foster care system and the Oregon Health Authority, Brown and her billionaire friends are quietly abusing the short legislative session to stick Oregon families with even more regressive taxes,” said Chair Currier.

“It shows just how out-of-touch Gov. Kate Brown is with the concerns of everyday Oregonians.”

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