Secretary of State Audit Alert Raises Concern of Misspent Oregon Medicaid Funds

Wilsonville, OR – The Oregon Republican Party released the following statement regarding the publication of an “Audit Alert” by Oregon’s Republican Secretary of State Dennis Richardson as reported in The Oregonian late yesterday.

PLACEHOLDER IMAGE “This Audit Alert once again raises the concern that a state government, which is receiving record tax revenues while claiming to have a massive deficit and demanding even more from taxpayers, isn’t doing enough to ensure existing funds aren’t being misspent - perhaps even in violation of Federal Law," stated Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bill Currier. “We constantly hear about the importance of Medicaid expansion in Oregon, but this illegal healthcare expansion diverts funds away from the truly needy and damages public trust."

“Kudos to Dennis Richardson for setting up Audit Alerts to inform Oregonians about these efforts to begin holding our state government accountable, just like a Secretary of State is supposed to do and exactly as he promised to do last fall as a candidate," stated Currier.

Dennis Richardson is the first Republican elected to statewide partisan office since 1994 and the first to be elected Secretary of State since 1976.

“It is refreshing to have genuine transparency and accountability coming out of Salem now. Though it took electing a Republican to do it, party shouldn’t really matter when it comes to doing the right thing," added Currier. “Dennis Richardson is setting the standard for what real leadership can look like in Oregon."

The Oregon Health Authority May Be Providing Medicaid Benefits to Ineligible Recipients

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