Veterans Make Good Props for Kate Brown Photo Ops and Budget Hostages

Wilsonville, OR– Yesterday, Republicans in the Legislature held a press conference with veterans and advocates to express support for Senate Bill 1054, which would lift the restrictions preventing veterans and their family members from accessing mental health care services. PLACEHOLDER IMAGE

Currently, the Brown administration’s so-called “Certificate of Need” process puts providers of veteran mental health care services through a brutal, labyrinth-like process when trying to build new facilities. SB 1054 would end these roadblocks and fast track the process so veterans and their families can better access the promised care they need and deserve.

Yesterday, the same day as the Republican press conference with veterans and advocates, Gov. Kate Brown showed up to a gathering to celebrate and honor the 1186th Military Police Company from the Oregon National Guard. Instead of policy and advocacy, she offered photographs and tweets. Brown did order the flags to half-mast to show some respect, but the Oregon GOP Chairman points out that the governor is offering nothing more than gimmicks and gestures.

“The governor snaps photos with veterans and easily follows Memorial Day traditions, but when the cameras aren’t flashing it’s a totally different reality,” state Oregon GOP Chairman Bill Currier. “The reality is that government unions and the Brown administration are holding veterans hostage, collecting ransom payments from mental health care providers, and playing games with veterans services budgets.”

Support from Oregon voters for state veterans services is overwhelming, as was demonstrated by the over 83% YES vote for Ballot Measure 96 in 2016 to allocate Oregon Lottery proceeds to fund these services, a message Gov. Brown has decided to ignore.

"If the governor truly cares about veterans, she would put her lip service into serious action and help get Senate Bill 1054 passed and signed into law,” added Currier. “Heading into this Memorial Day weekend and remembering those who sacrificed so much in service to our nation, we must all demand that our Governor finally delivers to our veterans the care and support we owe them."

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