Betsy Johnson Reverses Position On I-5 Bridge 

June 1, 2022

Salem, Oregon – Career Democrat Betsy Johnson changed her position on a key issue, again.

In 2013 Johnson voted for an Oregon-funded package that included light rail as a part of an effort to replace the (Interstate 5) bridge. Now, Johnson says she would push to get the bridge replaced with or without the inclusion of public transit options or bike and pedestrian paths.”

“This is not the first time we have to call out career Democrat Betsy Johnson for flip-flopping on the issues. She voted in support of light rail when it fit her ambitions, but now that the political winds have changed, so has her position. Voters are smart enough to recognize that Johnson is just another career politician who will say anything to get elected.” – Oregon Republican Party Committeewoman Tracy Honl. 

Johnson’s other policy reversals include opposing highway tolls on the campaign trail after voting for tolls multiple times. Johnson was also the “deciding vote” in favor of the Corporate Activities Tax in 2019, but now says she “made a mistake.” 

Oregon needs and deserves a reliable, consistent leader that will deliver on their word. Betsy Johnson has shown herself not to be that candidate.

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