PRESS RELEASE: Biden Doesn’t Address Major Issues Affecting Oregonians

April 21, 2022

Portland, OR – Today, Joe Biden gave a speech at the Portland International Airport and attended a high-society fundraiser at the Portland Yacht Club but failed to address the issues that Oregonians care about. Biden discussed infrastructure spending yet did not address how Democrats’ reckless spending has fueled inflation, how he was going to work to reduce gas prices, or how their Defund the Police policies have wrecked our communities.

Oregon Republican National Committeewoman Tracy Honl released the following statement on Biden’s visit: 

“Joe Biden wasted plenty of taxpayer money to come out to Oregon only to act like the issues every day Oregonians care about don’t matter. Oregonians are feeling the squeeze of high prices and high crime rates while Biden toasts with Democrat elites at a yacht club.” -ORGOP National Committeewoman Tracy Honl  



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