Newsmax: Milwaukee Will Host 2024 GOP Convention

August 3, 2022

Although it won’t be formalized until the full meeting of the Republican National Committee Friday, sources within the RNC confirmed to Newsmax on Tuesday that the party’s next national convention will be held in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee’s role as convention host became  a “done deal” Tuesday night, as word spread at the summer RNC meeting in Chicago that Nashville, Tennessee, had given up its pursuit of the 2024 gathering.

Earlier that evening, the Democrat-controlled City Council of Nashville voted 22-10 to reject a draft proposal for hosting the Republican convention. Last year, as the RNC held its regular meeting in Nashville, Republican leaders in Tennessee from Gov. Bill Lee on down had eagerly wooed the party’s governing committee to come to Nashville in 2024.

“But with Nashville now out of the picture, the choice for us is either Milwaukee or ‘go back to where we started,'” Louisiana Republican National Committeeman Roger Villere said.

“I didn’t see the same level of enthusiasm from Nashville to host us in ’24 as I did from Milwaukee,” said Oregon’s National Committeewoman Tracy Honl, “and, while I like Nashville, I felt it certainly wouldn’t be on a par with what we had at the 2016 convention in Cleveland. So I am ready to go to Milwaukee.”

The RNC’s Convention Site Committee is expected to make official the choice of Milwaukee as the site of the next national convention on Wednesday night, with the full RNC certain to ratify it on Friday.

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