Newsmax: RNC Will Reelect McDaniel as Chair If She Wants It

August 3, 2022

Whether Ronna McDaniel chooses to seek an unprecedented fourth term as Republican National Committee chair after November’s midterm elections is unclear.

But based on what several of the 168 members of the Republican National Committee told Newsmax on Wednesday at their summer meeting in Chicago, it is all but a foregone conclusion that McDaniel, 49, can keep the post if she wants it.

”She’s got my support if she runs, and I hope she does,” Oregon GOP National Committeeman Tracy Honl told Newsmax. ”She’s done great things to work with a party organization in a state like mine that traditionally isn’t Republican.”

Shawn Steel, California’s longtime RNC member, also hailed McDaniel’s organizational skills and political skills working with disparate party factions.

”She’s built the largest field organization we’ve ever had and hired a high quality personnel,” he said. ”And Ronna does a great balancing act between the Trump wing of the party and, well, let’s call it the non-Trump wing.”

Steel’s view was seconded by Montana GOP State Chairman Don Kaltschmidt, who praised McDaniel for ”raising money at a record level and keeping the different factions of the party together.”

”I love Ronna!” Kaltschmidt exclaimed.

There are, of course, some RNC members who do not.

One who requested anonymity told Newsmax ”I’d like to see a change” and suggested that McDaniel has been at the party helm too long.

A worry expressed by some in the RNC is that McDaniel’s relinquishing the chairmanship as the party heads in the ’24 campaign could open the way to a crowded and likely divisive race to succeed her.

Among those mentioned as candidates for an open chairmanship are Maryland National Committeeman Dave Bossie, former RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and North Carolina GOP Chairman Michael Whatley.

Asked about her intentions at a November breakfast of the Christian Science Monitor, McDaniel replied that ”we don’t know yet. This is my third term, right? And we’ll we’ll play it by ear after the midterms. If we win, it makes a lot easier to consider running.”

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