Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party Calls on Kotek to Disavow the Vile Company She Keeps

October 10, 2022

Salem, Ore. – Tina Kotek has stoked continued controversy from her close ties to a candidate that hired a known sex offender and a state senator that repeatedly used the n-word in a book he published.

This comes after Fox News reported that instead of removing the endorsement of State Senator Jeff Golden – who repeatedly used the “n-word” in his book – Kotek has moved him to “page 2” of her website’s endorsements page.

As Kotek continues to evade, Oregon Republican Party Chairman Justin Hwang released the following statement:

“The company Kotek keeps should not only be eyebrow-raising, but infuriating to any self-respecting Oregonian. She has endorsed a candidate that hired a known pedophile and continues to flaunt the support of a known racist on her website. Tina must immediately disavow racist Jeff Golden’s support and rescind her endorsement of Ramiro Navarro. Anything less truly shows her heart is not with the people of Oregon, but with vile racists and supporters of pedophiles.”

See Golden’s endorsement of Kotek here.

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